Awards & Affiliations

Adirondacks Exhibition of American Watercolors

American Watercolor Society
High Winds Medal
Ralph Smith Memorial award
Transparent Watercolor Society of America
Lakes Region Award
Nora Stevens Founder’s Award
Zoltan Szabo Founder’s Award
Winslow Homer Award

Illinois Watercolor Society
Award of Excellence I
Award of Excellence I
Best of Show
Best of Show
Best of Show

Missouri Watercolor Society
Third Place
Award of Distinction

National Watercolor Society

Montana Watercolor Society
Best of Show
Best of Show
Best of Show
Silver Medal
Silver Medal

Adirondack’s Exhibition of American Watercolors
The Beachmont First and Gold Medallion
Sallie and Gannon Kashiwa Award

Western Colorado Watercolor Society
Best of Show
Best of Show
Best of Show
Best of Show
Best of Show
First Place

Red River Watercolor Society
Best of Show
Best of Show
Best of Show
Best of Show

Kentucky Watercolor Society
Second Place

Watercolor Art Society-Houston
Best of Show
Lloyd Albers Award

Texas Watercolor Society
Margaret Pace Wilson Memorial Silver Medal
Amy Freeman Memorial Award

TWS Award

Louisiana Watercolor Society
Best In Show

Skip Watts Memorial
Best In Show

Keystone National
Best In Show

Pennsylvania Watercolor Society
Merit Award/People’s Choice

Watercolor West
Juror’s Award/People’s Choice

Juror of Selection   2017

Signature Member   2017
Urban Playground   2016
Sisters   2014

Signature Member   2009, Master Signature   2017
In the Moment 2018
Wishing   2017
Look At Me!   2016
Urban Playground   2015

Master Signature Member   2004
Look At Me!
Where R U!
Maddie   2012
A Late Night   2011
Memories   2009

Signature Member   2011
Red Suckers   2017
In The Morning   2012

Signature Member   2007

Signature member   2013
Sanctuary 2017
Waiting   2016
Pumpkin Painters   2015
Maddie   2014
In The Light   20111

Siting Pretty   2016
Her First Pearls   2015

Lost and Found 2018
A Walk in the Park   2017
Red Suckers   2016
Sometime Ago   2015
Sunlight Serenade   2012
In The Morning   2010

Look at Me! 2018
A Walk in the Park   2016
Adele Marie   2015
In Her Room   2014

Waiting   2014

In The Moment   2017
In Her Room   2015

Where R U? 2018
Serenity   2016
Two Dolls   2015

An Late Morning   2010

Sometime Ago   2013

Alone   2015

Sunlight In The Morning   2011

Serenity   2015